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The key for the continuous development


At the heart of our development and innovation strategy is to add values of significant improvement in relation to efficacy, safety and compliance. These added values may e.g. improve the bioavailability, mask the bitter taste of unpleasant drug substances or increase the stability of drug products.  Our unique technology that we apply to achieve these goals is based on the lipid-embedding of drug substances by spray congealing.

Our goal is to develop excellent, effective and safe medication against life-threatening diseases for pets and livestock.

Our products

For farm animals and pets too


Our experts lay great emphasis on the precise knowledge of the needs of farmers and pet owners. These experiences are used to develop our products in order to give the best solution for preventing the possible animal health problems. In the spirit of our slogan “You Love We Care” we constantly strive to be as efficient as possible with our partners to work together for the health of the animals.

Both our manufacturing system and pharmaceutical production which is the main profile of Lavet Pharmaceuticals Ltd comply with the international and Hungarian regulations.

Health and the environment

In the spirit of sustainable development


We consider responsible behaviour as the most important aspect during development, manufacturing and distribution of medicinal products. We strive continuously with updated skills and attention to ensure the highest possible level of safety during the manufacturing process. We believe that our responsible behaviour, philosophy and future vision is to guarantee of long-term sustainable environment, the animal welfare and safe food consumption alike.

Our approach to health and environmental protection can be summarized in seven points.