LAVET is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions in the field of veterinary medicine.


We are not only committed to maintaining the health and vitality of animals but protecting the health of users of our products or the consumers of foods deriving from the treated animals. Therefore, we ascribe special significance to the safety and high quality.



Our scope is that a wide range of farmers and animal owners may benefit from the advantages offered by our products. Our managing director, who is a professor at the University of Veterinary Medicine, directly manages the developmental activities especially those of the innovative projects. The work of our high professional experts with great experience and expertise allows that the latest research and technological innovations appear in our products.


All these make it possible that we can provide a wide range of innovative, safe and effective products the veterinary market.


We ascribe a high importance the protection of human health and the environment because it is our common interest to consume healthy and safe food. In order to do so it is essential that the raw materials, the food-producing animals should be healthy.


Our veterinary medicinal products and feed supplements have been developed by always keeping these targets in mind. LAVET is committed to research and development. Our activities continuously focus on product development in order to find the most effective solutions to a wider range of animal diseases threatening the health of animals.


„Our objective in accordance with our slogan is to develop high quality, safe and efficient medicines in order to improve the quality of life of animals and to treat their diseases successfully.”